The second in our #INKtober contributions for the week.
The first can be here.

Started by theartofalexc
Finished by preemptivefear

Some more #inktober stuff and things from me and Josh on our collab blog.
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The first of this week’s contributions to #INKtober. With some progressive shots for all you tumblring types.
The second can be found here.

Started by preemptivefear
Finished by theartofalexc

Some #inktober stuff from me and Josh over on our collab blog.
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Another isometric piece, this time with lots of colour and lots of confusion.

Lines by theartofalexc
Colour by preemptivefear

Another collaborative piece from my other blog! This one was a lot of fun and has inspired a couple of other projects I’m currently working on.


A couple more pieces in our #SuperPaintingBros series.These two come as a pair because preemptivefear drew the first one (inspired by an episode of Regular Show) and I (theartofalexc) decided it would be a good idea to draw an overly detailed isometric drawing of the street where the floating house came from.

- Alex

A couple of pieces that me and Josh drew/painted. He drew the first and I drew the second, we then painted each other’s using watercolour paints.


One of the latest in our #SuperPaintingBros series was another strange one. I drew a dragon, a knight and a cave, but left the rest up to Josh. It got weird.
- Alex

Lines: theartofalexc
Colour: preemptivefear

Some drawing I did that then got painted.


More from our #SuperPaintingBros series.

Lines by preemptivefear
Colour by theartofalexc

More to come later in the week.

More art from my collaborative blog. Go check it out!


Some progress shots and the final result of one of our latest #SuperPaintingBros pieces.

Lines by preemptivefear
Colour by theartofalexc

More to come in a couple of days!

Some work from over on my other, shared blog.

Finally finished this t-shirt design and got it uploaded so:

People who love tea and hate the travesty that is coffee! (and love cutesy teacups!)
Finally, a t-shirt to help you express your hot beverage preference!

Available here:

Ships to EU and USA!


#SuperPaintingBros number six wasn’t exactly the best from either of us, but we’re happy with it. In a way.

Lines: Alex
Colour: Josh

And another…


Piece number five in our #SuperPaintingBros series was a strange one. Drawing and/or painting at 3am is not advised…

Lines: Joshua
Colour: Alex

#SPB #SCB #SuperCollabBros #lineart #watercolour #art #collab

Another collaboration.

Another little update on this piece, spent a lot of time cleaning up all the little details on it yesterday. Now I’ve just gotta spend all day painting allllll of that grass in the background and then redraw a couple of lines before I’m done!

Super Self Portrait Project


We have officially started a new (rather big) project called the #SuperSelfPortraitProject. Basically, we’re gonna get a bunch of other artists to help us fill a sketchbook by producing a self portrait on a page each.

We have over 50 artists already signed up to contribute but we need more! So, if you wanna get involved, drop us a message here or over on our newly set up SCB Facebook page or even tweet us @SuperCollabBros or better yet emails are good:


So, we recently started this new project, the #SuperSelfPortraitProject. If you wanna know the specific deetz GO HERE, GO ON DO IT.

The #SuperSelfPortraitProject we’re hostin’ ‘n’ postin’ is officially underway! I (Alex) have produced the first (of many) submissions to this project and, as a result, will hereby give you an idea of how the posts will look for each piece submitted.

Alex Crichton works as a freelance painter and his various work can be found at the following links:
Facebook page
Tumblr art blog

And here’s a little bit more about him:
• Name: Alex Crichton
• Age: 22
• Gender: Male
• Hometown: Kingston Upon Hull, United Kingdom
• Mediums used in self portrait: tea and coffee
• Date: 02/06/2014
• Creative fields: Painting, writing and photography.
• Creative motivations: My brain seems to feed off of being creative, so I try to do that as much as I can. I’d feel lost without it…and most likely bored out of my mind too.
• Biggest influence & why?: Stanley Kubrick. For some reason he’s all that springs to mind whenever I think about the answer to this question. Something about his films and the way he worked is just inspiring.

I started this new project with a friend of mine under our supercollabbros name and so far it’s going pretty well! This is my contribution to it and we have more than 50 artists already signed up to take part in the rest of it! If you wanna know more, head over to that blog to find out all about it!

Painting’s coming together! Had to do a lot of waiting in between layers drying. Those waits turned into reading breaks and food breaks, so I’m really taking my time with this one. I’ll be working on it on-and-off tomorrow though, in between painting for the start of this #SuperSelfPortraitProject that me and @iamscreech are hosting as the #SuperCollabBros. More on that tomorrow though!

Finally getting round to painting this grumpy old sod today! Initial lines have been drawn out for a week now! Then it’s on to a new project tomorrow! Can’t wait!